“Benefit Sharing” Philosophy

“Benefit Sharing” Philosophy

“Benefit Sharing” Philosophy

GLOBAL INVESTMENT TRADING’S extends to many different sectors that all depends on an access to a single source of earning: CRYPTO CURRENCY.

This is prior to encourage the Cameroonian and African population to invest in crypto currencies and earn more by taking well-managed risks through our advice and training.

To create a bridge between the digital economy and the so-called physical economy by orientating our customers to invest the more so as  to win through crypto currencies, agriculture, livestock and real estate, hence our project called: AGRICULTURE Digital.

The data is as valuable as it is valid. Guaranteeing what is true is precisely what the distributed registry technology allows: Block chain.

LIYEPLIMAL is a protocol that allows obtaining a consensus on the state of purchases and transferring in a network. By having a unified truth source cryptographically secure, we envision a great technological explosion full of innovations. Our vision is to enable all connected devices by verifying evidence and transactional settlements that drive devices to deliver their properties and data in real time. This gives rise to brand new applications and value chains.

Allow the real internet of things via the economy of the machine 

It is estimated that the number of connected devices that will be used will reach 75 billion by 2025. From tiny sensors on the road and bridges to portable electronic devices, mobile phones ,etc , the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. The amount of data produced and consumed by all these devices is already astronomical. By the  end of 2016, the IP traffic executed rate 1.2 capacities available at the time. Over the next five years, global IP traffic executed rate was 1.2 zettabytes a year enough data fill up more than 9 billion of iphone’s highest storage capacities available to the time. Over the next five years, global IP traffic is expected to increase five-fold, with monthly IP traffic reaching 31 gigabytes per capita in 2021. This is the reason we have moved to create a national and international money transfer system based on Block chain technology called LIMO (Liyeplimal Money).


The vast majority of products we own spend most of their lives in a closet or garage. In the era of the Internet of things, anything that has a chip can be rented to other users. This also applies to a person\'s property, such as cars and appliances. Enabled by LIMO\'s toll-free transactions.

This new thin-sharing economy has profound implications for business models and the property itself. LIMO (Liyeplimal Money) gets rid of cumbersome and unprofitable subscription models or pre / post confidence-based salary by shifting the economy to the present.