• How to create an account ?

    The account creation in Liyeplimal is done by the referral link of the user who advised you the platform. Go to this link and fill in all the required information on the form. Do not forget the Terms & Conditions. Once you have completed the form and read the terms and conditions, click Sign Up. You will receive by email the email confirmation link for the activation of your account. Click on this link. You will have created your Liyeplimal account.

  • How to reset your password?

    Go to the Sign in page and click on Forgot Password in the form, under the Password field. Enter your e-mail address in the e-mail field of the Forgot Password form and click on Send Code button. You will receive an e-mail containing a Password Reset Code. Enter that code in the form, your new password too and confirm it. Once done, you will have successfully resetted your password.

  • Our Project

    1. Project is to promote Block chain Technology in Africa to better capture the benefits and gains that crypto currency can generate through Trading.
    2. Use these gains to invest in agriculture and real estate as each of our customers can own a property in the next 5 years.