• How to create an account ?

    The account creation in Liyeplimal is done by the referral link of the user who advised you the platform. Go to this link and fill in all the required information on the form. Do not forget the Terms & Conditions. Once you have completed the form and read the terms and conditions, click Sign Up. You will receive by email the email confirmation link for the activation of your account. Click on this link. You will have created your Liyeplimal account.

  • How to reset your password?

    Go to the Sign in page and click on Forgot Password in the form, under the Password field. Enter your e-mail address in the e-mail field of the Forgot Password form and click on Send Code button. You will receive an e-mail containing a Password Reset Code. Enter that code in the form, your new password too and confirm it. Once done, you will have successfully resetted your password.

  • Our Project

    1. Project is to promote Block chain Technology in Africa to better capture the benefits and gains that crypto currency can generate through Trading.
    2. Use these gains to invest in agriculture and real estate as each of our customers can own a property in the next 5 years.

  • The Company

    1. Legal information of the company and addresses

    Year of creation: 2017

    Register number: RC/DLA/2017/B/3456

    Taxpayer: M081712641561U

    Commercial name: Global Investment Trading

    Address: 1135, Rue Mandessi Bell Bali, Douala, Cameroon

    2. How long has your company been in existence ?

    Since November 16, 2017

    3. How can we verify that the company does exist ?

    On the commercial register of Cameroon

    4. Who is the CEO ?

    Mr SIMB Emile Parfait

    5. How does the company make gains ?

    In several ways:

    • By manual trading: with 15 professional traders on the cryptocurrency market ;
    • By the trading robot that arbitrates crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies ;
    • By purchasing / storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ;
    • Through other related activities from online trading sites (www.limarket.net), the cryptocurrency exchange platform (www.simtrex.net) ;
    • By withdrawal fees, which amount to 2% of the amount requested ;
    • By transfer fees, which amount to 0.3% of the amount requested ;
    • Etc.

        For manual trading, each trader has a target of 1% average gain per day, or 250% per year. As a rule, these objectives are largely exceeded.

    6. Is the company a Ponzi ?

        A Ponzi scheme is a system in which members are paid for by investments made by new members. It is a system which does not generate any own income.

        GIT is not a Ponzi because it generates external income from several sources, as mentioned below.

    • GIT, through Liyeplimal, generates income from trading (at least 1% on average per day, or more than 250% per year, while the largest pack gives annual interest of 124% per year) ;
    • GIT has other sources such as cryptocurrencies bought cheaper at launch, which have gained value on the stock market ;
    • GIT keeps coins from Bitcoin purchased when the coin was worth $ 2,000 ;
    • You don't need sponsorship to get your winnings. You can buy your pack and receive your winnings without ever sponsoring a single person ;
    • A person you have sponsored can move up the hierarchy faster and earn more than their sponsor. Which is not possible in a Ponzi scheme.

        Thanks to the diversification of its activities, GIT is able to continue to honor its commitments to investors, without recruiting new members.

    7. Is GIT a bank or a financial institution ?

        No. GIT is a cryptocurrency trading company. It gives its members the possibility of sharing the profits from its trading activity. Thus, GIT does not collect funds for savings and does not give credit.

    8. Is GIT regulated by the Central Bank or the banking supervisory authority ?

        No. GIT is not a bank or a financial institution, it is not regulated by these institutions.

    9. Does GIT offer a guaranteed capital investment ?

        Yes. GIT guarantees the capital invested in the event of a completely unforeseen event. The terms of the contract signed (physically or electronically) when purchasing a pack provide that your capital is reimbursed in the event of force majeure preventing the company from continuing its activity.

  • The Registration

    1. How to register and become a memberb?
        You need to receive an affiliate link from your sponsor and follow the registration process.
    You will become an active member as soon as you have purchased your first participation pack. You will only receive commissions and bonuses if you have an active pack.
    When you buy a pack, the first payments arrive a week later, the same day as the purchase.

    2. Are there membership fees?
        No, there is no membership fee.

    3. Is there an email notification confirming the account registration ?
        Yes, by the way in the email you will receive, you must click on the link to validate your registration and thus confirm your email address.
        If necessary, you can change your email address by contacting support or from your profile.

    4. Is it possible to have multiple accounts ?
    • No, not with the same identity.
    • All accounts must be verified. For this, you will be required to produce official identification documents for account verification.
    • Only verified accounts can make transactions.
    • It is possible to invest in an unverified account. This account receives weekly payments. It can also receive transfers from other members. But it will be impossible to make withdrawals or transfers to another account if your account not verified.
    • It is recommended to have your account verified before starting to make transactions. Verification takes less than 24 hours.
    • Minors are not allowed to open accounts.

  • The Packs

    1. How much are the investment packs ?

    Abidjan: 100

    Porto-Novo: 200

    Libreville: 400

    Ndjamena: 800

    Malabo: 1600

    Yaoundé: 3200

    Pretoria: 6400

    Cairo: 12,800

    Abuja: 25600

    Dubai: 51200

        These packs are expressed in liyeplimal money dollars (dollars limos).

    2. How to acquire the limos ?

        You can acquire the limos in two ways:

    • With the company ($ 1 limo is worth XAF 800);
    • On the market with another member who is willing to sell them to you at a price that suits him. Very often the price of $ 1 limo on the market is lower than the purchase price in business.

    3. How can I buy an investment pack ?

        By logging into your back office, left menu, click on the dashboard, the packs will be displayed.

        Click on the one that interests you. But make sure your balance is sufficient for the pack you want to buy.

        Validate by clicking on "Buy".

        Follow the instructions on your screen.

    4. How many investment packs can I buy ?

        You can buy and have as many packs as you want.

    5. How long does the investment pack last ?

        52 weeks or 12 months.

    6. Can I request the reimbursement of my investment pack before the 52 weeks ?

        No. Once you have purchased a pack, it is no longer possible to discontinue it before the 52 weeks. You have to wait for the end and never renew it if you want.

    7. Where am I in the evolution of my pack ?

        On your dashboard, you have a "Pack" menu. Click on the "My Packs" submenu. A window gives you the evolution of your packs, with the number of days remaining to run.

    8. Can I automatically renew my pack ?

        No. There is no automatic renewal button. You will need to do this manually, if your account balance allows.

    9. Can I pay a pack to one of my referrals ?

        No. You can, however, make an internal transfer of limos. It will be up to him to buy his pack.

    10. Is there a loan system ?

        No. You can arrange between trusted members. Some members make limo contributions, it's up to you to organize with your network.

    11. How much does an internal transfer cost ?

        The rate applied to the internal transfer is 0.3%. An internal transfer is an operation to move the limos from one account to another.

    12. Is there an amount limit in an internal transfer ?

        Yes. By default, all accounts have a daily transfer limit of $ 2,500. If you want to increase the transfer capacity of your $ 2500 account, you have three options:

    • Have purchased a $ 51200 pack;
    • Have attained at least the rank of Platinum;
    • Pay $ 275 to management.

  • The Earnings

    1. What is the return on investment (ROI) ?

         The packs give gains over 52 weeks, depending on its value. The higher the value of the pack, the more consistent the gains.

         ROIs range from 60% to 124%.

         They are summarized in the table below.

    Investment pack

    Earnings per week

    (Capital + interest)

    Profitability per year

    Interest rate (including capital)

    $ limos


    $ limos





    80 000


    1 688,5

    88 000



    160 000


    3 591,5

    187 000



    320 000


    7 612

    396 000



    640 000


    16 076,5

    836 000


    1 600

    1 280 000


    33 841,5

    1 736 000


    3 200

    2 560 000


    69 382,5

    3 608 000


    6 400

    5 120 000


    142 208

    7 392 000


    12 800

    10 240 000


    291 076,5

    15 136 000


    25 600

    20 480 000

    1 083,07

    595 688,5

    30 976 000


    51 200

    40 960 000

    2 205,50

    1 213 025

    63 078 400



    2. How can I make money ?

        You must have purchased an investment pack to start earning money.

        In addition, you can start sponsoring by inviting family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues to join you in Liyeplimal. You will benefit from the compensation plan which includes commissions and bonuses.

    3. Do the packs give passive commissions ?

        Yes, there is no need to sponsor to win. Sponsorship is just a bonus that will allow you to earn additional limos in commissions and bonuses.

    4. When are the interests of our investments redistributed ?

        The earnings of the packs are redistributed from Monday to Sunday (7 days a week). It all depends on the day of the week you bought the pack. Each week, on the same day, you receive your winnings.

    5. What is the redistribution of interest based on ?

        The redistribution of interest is based on the results obtained from trading in cryptocurrencies and the other sources mentioned above.

    6. What are my commissions on my referral packs ?

        Commissions are distributed up to the 5th generation. Everything depends on your hierarchical level.

    • You earn 6% direct sponsorship commissions on the 1st generation;
    • You earn 2% direct sponsorship commissions on the 2nd generation;
    • You earn 1% direct sponsorship commissions on the 3rd generation;
    • You earn 1% direct sponsorship commissions on the 4th generation;
    • You earn 2% direct sponsorship commissions on the 5th generation.

        As soon as you buy a pack, you are eligible for 1st generation commissions. Your account is at level 1.

        In order for your account to go to Level 2, you must have a team turnover of $ 6,000, and a personal turnover of 30% of $ 6,000, or $ 1,800.

        In addition to having access to 2nd generation commissions, you have a bonus of $ 360, payable automatically in one go.

        The table below shows the conditions for turnover to be met in order to move to the next level.

    Actual level

    Condition for upgrading to the next level

    Next level

    Team turnover

    Personal turnover




















        The table below summarizes the commissions according to the hierarchical level.







































    7. What bonuses does the turnover correspond to ?

         Each time you go from one level to the next, you get a bonus.

    Actual level

    Condition for upgrading to the next level

    Next level


    Title (at the next level)

    Team turnover 

    Personal turnover






























        * In addition to the $ 18,000, you get 1 month of free trading training

        ** In addition to the $ 36,000, you also get a Toyota Prado car

    8. Do I have to have my own deposit in the company to create a team?

        As soon as you are registered, you can start promoting Liyeplimal via your personal referral link. To receive commissions from your team, you must have an active pack before your downlines make their purchase. If you do not have an active pack, and a member of your team purchases a pack, you will not receive commissions. 

    9. When do the winnings fall?

        The earnings arrive between 1:00 am and 11:00 pm, Yaoundé time.

    10. Where can I see my winnings?

        On your dashboard, you have a small "My Payments" panel. It summarizes all of the winnings you have received since purchasing your first pack. By clicking on it, you have the detail of the gains.

  • The Compensation Plan

    1. What are the possible gains with the compensation plan ?

        Direct bonus: 6% on the purchase of the packs of your direct referrals

        Uni-level plan, up to 5 levels (career plan): (6%, 2%, 1%, 1% and 2% on pack purchases for each member of your team, depending on your level)

        Bonus for going from one level to the next.

    2. How much can one earn with the career plan ?

        You get commissions on the purchases of people on your team, as shown in the table above.

    3. If my referrals buy their pack before I am active, do I get my commissions ?

        No ! This is not retroactive, you must be active in order to receive your sponsorship commissions.

    4. Is there a limit of people we can sponsor ?

        No ! You can sponsor as many people as you want.

    5. Do I still get referral earnings if I haven't bought a pack yet ?

        No. Commissions are not retroactive, you must be an active member (a rotating pack) to be entitled to sponsorship commissions.

  • Withdrawals and deposits

    1. What are the payment processors used ?

        All payments are made by Visa Liyeplimal card.

        This Visa Liyelimal card works all over the world.

        You can also withdraw by mobile money in Cameroon.

        Other payment processors may be available, depending on security.

    2. Will there be other payment methods in the future ?

        Depending on certain conditions, other payment methods may be offered.

    3. What are the conditions required for me to withdraw ?

        You must have a sufficient balance in your balance.

    4. When can I request a withdrawal ?

        Withdrawals are made from the 1st to the 23rd of the month (the 23rd of the month until 12 noon).

    5. How long do I have to wait to get my withdrawal ?

        Payments are made within approximately 48 hours, excluding weekends, or until the 25th of the month.

    6. What is the minimum amount for withdrawals ?

        The minimum threshold is $ 10.

    7. Are there fees for deposits and withdrawals ?

        The withdrawal fees are 2% of the amount requested.

  • Various

    1. Terminology

    • Pack: investment product which gives the right to gain according to the company's profits, then you can put various conditions in it (duration, percentage, daily earnings limits ...).
    • Downline: he’s your godson. This is the person you convinced to follow you in Liyeplimal and who signed up with your referral link.
    • Upline: he's your godfather. This is the person who convinced you to register in Liyeplimal with his referral link.

    2. Can we find my password if I forgot it ?

        Yes. When registering, click on "Forgot Password". A new window will ask you to enter your email address.

        Then, a code will be sent to you in your email, with a link that will reset your password. Your new password will only be validated if you enter the code sent to you by email.

    3. How do I change my password ?

        Just click on the button in the shape of a "wheel" at the top right of your back office. Choose "Password change". Then follow the procedure.

    4. Miscellaneous problems with managing your account

        Error registering on Liyeplimal?

        Change of email address, phone number?

        Contact support, writing to the following addresses:

    5. Other services offered by Liyeplimal

        Liyeplimal offers its investors to designate their delegatee in the event of death or serious disability.

        To do this, inform this person who will be able to manage your account after you, just click on the button in the form of a "wheel" at the top right of your back office. Choose "Ownership Transfer". Then follow the requested steps.

        In addition, for users based in Cameroon, you can pay for the following services with your limo dollars on your back office:

    • Canal Sat subscription;
    • Electricity bill;
    • Water bill;
    • Telephone credit units;
    • Air tickets.

        To do this, go to the "Services" menu in your back office.

    6. Are there videos, an official channel?

        You will find the company's youtube channel at this address:


    N.B: For any payment problem, withdrawal, account, bonus, binary, etc ...

    Contact support, writing to the following addresses: