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It is brought to the attention of the entire LIYEPLIMAL Community that on the occasion of its 4th anniversary scheduled for November 13, 2021 in Bangui in the Central African Republic, under the high sponsorship of the Right Honorable SIMPLICE MATHIEU SARANDJI President of the National Assembly, are Coaches and Diamonds are automatically invited to this ceremony.

In addition, any other person who is a member of our illustrious LIYEPLIMAL community, wishing to embark on the LIYEPLIMAL ark will be able to acquire their invitation card up to 1,000 Limos payable at the following address: ID: 6J8BLR

Also, those of Coaches, Diamonds and any other person holding an invitation and wishing to be accompanied in the practical terms of the trip (hotel reservation and confirmation, airport amenities, visa on arrival, shuttle, test COVID return etc ...) will have to pay 1500 Limos to this address: ID: NNGERC

NB: any participant having paid the aforementioned fees has until 10/20/2021 to confirm his participation by sending his passport to the email address: 

Wishing to have many of you at this great annual LIYEPLIMAL mass, we ask you to believe, Dear members of the LIYEPLIMAL community, in our sincere consideration.


Long live Liyeplimal!

Done in Douala, September 10, 2021

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