Hello to all the valiant Liyeplimal members

As part of the organization of the funeral of our Dad, our advisor, our inspirer, our Guide, the dear and valiant 1st Coach of the Liyeplimal Galaxy the late Bernard Bayiha, a quest has been opened with a view to accompanying him worthily in his last resting place and to show him even postumously that Liyeplimal was not only a matter of money, but that he belonged to a family and that we are all his Family.

So, for those who wish to participate, contribute at their level, depending on your ranks and ranks, please send your Limocoin to this wallet: 0x9D1e17ABBBA8553a819399fAE6c5Aa3edEd43b41

The amount is not defined, each as I said above will do what he can.

NB: During the ceremony, Liyeplimal members will be dressed in Polo flocked with the effigies of the Super 1st Coach.

For that all those who will want to go to the lifting of the body, to the village to the funeral passing by the vigil which will take place in Yaoundé and in the village, kindly make you report to this number by writing whatsapp only: 237 653 54 10 04 .

Reservation of flocked polo shirts will also be made through this number. It will cost 20 Limocoin.

Those who have the testimonials to give, whether in writing or by video, please give them and of course always send them to the same number by whatsapp please.

The Eternal had given us Bernard Bayiha, the Eternal took him back.

May only his name be praised.

The funeral program will be sent to you shortly.