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It is brought to the attention of all LIYEPLIMAL members that GLOBAL INVESTMENT TRADING SA has set the conditions for admission to be an Authorized Agent whose mission consists of the purchase and sale of LIMOs under the control and supervision of the Executive management. In doing so, the conditions are as follows:

1- Be a Coach leader LIYEPLIMAL;

Be a Diamond leader on condition of having at least 50 active and direct subscribers (1st generation) in its LIYEPLIMAL network;

Deposit in ID: BB90S4 a 100,000 LIMO deposit paid at 17% per year.

However, the duration of the Authorized Agents contract is two (02) years renewable by tacit agreement and takes effect from the day of payment of the deposit of 100,000 LIMOS. During this period, the transfer limits are set as follows:

50,000 LIMOS per day and 1,000,000 LIMOS per month.

GOOD NEWS (measures applicable from September 15, 2021):

Transfer fees are now reduced to 0.2% instead of 0.5% as before.

SimbCoin withdrawal requests will be validated every after 07 days.

The withdrawal fee in Liyeplimal will now drop to 4% instead of 2%.

GLOBAL INVESTMENT TRADING S.A reminds the entire LIYEPLIMAL community to regularly consult the site, then identify the authorized agents with whom they must carry out the sale and purchase of LIMOS.

In addition, GLOBAL INVESTMENT TRADING S.A calls on members to comply with the prescribed recommendations regarding the transfer and purchase of LIMOS, failing which, they expose themselves to scams for which the company will not be responsible.

Done in Douala, September 06, 2021

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