Dear Liyeplimal members,

It is with joy that we send you this message to inform you of the new actions.

 We have worked firmly to work tirelessly to follow up in our results.

Better still, more loyal, caring and understanding, you knew how to tolerate us so bravely in this challenge.

This is, earlier than the date of Monday 13 planned, we are pleased to announce the opening of transfers to the public markets on Sunday 12-12-2021.

However, Lbank is the only direct market recommended for the moment, do not make any mistake please.

  1. You can now make internal transfers, i.e. member to member only using wallets,
  2. You can make external transfers, i.e. from your Liyeplimal account to your external wallets (Lbank for the moment)
  3. You can buy packs,
  4. You can sponsor.
  5. and finally, in the coming days as soon as all these tests are conclusive, you will be able to make withdrawals to your usual means with the same conditions.

 To enable all members of the Galaxy to have the necessary information and extensive training on the Limocoin SWAP, we have set up a telegram group in which we will group all our 250,000 members of the Galaxy Liyeplimal.

 Our migration to Blockchain, Liyeplimal's tokel is a marvel for our members, for Africa and for the whole world.

Our vision despite enormous explanation that is already being done, needs again to be more explained.

 For this purpose, we invite all members who receive this message to download the telegram application and install it in order to access our Telegram group of the members of the Galaxy Liyeplimal to benefit from the real formations.

For those who are already, please click on this link to access: LimoIn WORLD COMMUNITY 

 Share it with all your downloads for all to be at the same level of information and training as you.

 Below the link of the telegram group for the true training of the members

 Click here here:  and join us quickly to have all the notions.

 May the future smile with your ambitions, and the softness of the limo being your implementation tool.

With all love and sincere loyalty;

 The team.