Dears Liyeplimal community!

In these particular times of innovations and improvements, 2021 was for us a year of sectoral adaptation and systemic renovation, giving birth to new possibilities of opportunities but barely visible for the most part yet.

The acts worth better than the words, we thank you for your renewal opening, and invite you to look more in depth in the coming days on the new opportunities that our system will bring, great will be the good surprise for many.

While some are already moving on our Permanent advise: "Buy The Dip, Sell The Pump", the future of Limocoin is now more than radiant, even if the curves seem to show the opposite.

So it's time to position themselves better, to come out X100 stronger in a very close future, because all that rises must go down and also all that goes down must go up, it is an immutable and fundamental laws of trading.

I wish you for the beginning of this year of grace, balance and opportunity, all the vision necessary for the realization of your desires and your most expensive dreams.

You are where it takes and at the moment it takes!

Long live the economic potential of the digital in 2022

Long live the strong and ambitious community

Long live Africa and its new visionaries

Live Liyeplimal and Happy New Year to all!