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In a constantly changing economic context, the world is evolving and adapting its technologies to meet new generational requirements. To understand this is to understand humanity, society and its new opportunities through service; for no one can serve without being served.

As a pioneer of the new digital economy in Africa through Crypto Currency, our duty (Global Investment Trading) is and remains the improvement of the business climate, through the advanced technologies that make our expertise.

The study of the Context-Need pair inevitably led us to the conclusion that Africa needs to make a leap forward in its civilizational structure, with its financial and sustainable ecotourism potential.

The Blockchain technology, which is a miracle of security and a solution in all areas of human activity, offers us the opportunity to pass the milestone and catch up on a significant part of the accumulated backlog. The SimbCity-SimbCoin project, parallel to the Context-Need couple, expresses itself as the lantern of the economic path that will bring high the realization of African visionaries in two basic sectors:

-Real estate: SimbCity is an affordable luxury real estate project, in a context where we (Africans) are continuously and unceasingly talking about infrastructural backwardness, which is the cause of the neglect of the strong and under-exploited ecotourism potential for most of our countries.

Finance: The barriers of operations due to zonal divisions and systems of cross-border financial openings hyper weak, imposes an economic recession to more than one, implying an obligation of vertical trade relations and too little horizontal. Based on the future of the financial structure, SimbCoin proposes a functional transaction model that is incremental, but intelligently boosts the economic return of a possible initiative by 100, or even 10,000 if it is duplicated.

It is thus in a harmony between systemic evolution and sustainable prosperity that we come to present you the concrete:

SIMBCITY: Luxury-Comfort-Profitability

SIMBCOIN: For Smart Real Estate Tokenisation (translation by visualisation)

Believing in us... is believing in the unbridled future.

The SimbCity-SimbCoin Team
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