Dear members of our LIYEPLIMAL GALAXY

It is a great and real pleasure for us to send you this message.

Four years already that we started our fight, that of bringing to the African youth and of the world the best means for a sustainable development through new technologies.

You have been with us for all this time, today we feel more joy to address these sincere thanks to all of you for this good faith adopted for the success of the company Global Investment Trading SA.

Indeed, our 4th anniversary, which took place in Bangui, was marked by a brilliant change in our system, which is the tokenization of liyeplimal.

Formerly limo, today we have limocoin Swap.

Only 1 month ago, LIYEPLIMAL could be the property of the CEO Emile Parfait SIMB but, today with the limocoin swap we are more transparent, more decentralized more secure and LIYEPLIMAL has become the property of all these 250,000 members who use it. spear.

Limocoin swap becomes definitive property of all 250,000 liyeplimal members to date.

Our goal being very strong by migrating to decentralization, we have paid for expensive training to make available to the whole community so that you can better understand us

The goal remains the same as the name says <> poverty is over but the understanding needs to be deeper and much broader.

11 years ago, bitcoin was created by a group of 700 members headed by SATOSHI Nakamoto. The 700 members invented the blockchain, created bitcoin, mined it, and put it into circulation. They are the owners who mined bitcoin and put it into circulation and you know the result today.

4 years ago, 250,000 members started mining limocoin Swap through liyeplimal and today limocoin Swap is put into circulation by them, imagine the result in 10 years by making a comparison of bitcoin which left with 700 members, and Limocoin today with 250,000.

This requires further explanation in order to let all of the 250,000 members who are the owners of limocoin swap know that it is a valuable coin to be jealously guarded.

Each week we will provide you with written message training in groups and official pages to broaden your knowledge of Limocoin Swap. Get into the habit today of consulting the page titled NEWS or PRESS RELEASE on our site  for reliable information.

Also, for those who are not yet in our telegram group, do it right away by clicking here:  without forgetting to subscribe massively in our official Youtube page in English by clicking here:   or in French here: but also in our Tweeter page: (@limocoinswap): 

Our vision remains the same: Poverty is over.

We say thank you for your participation in this change of the world at our level.

The team !