Dear Liyeplimal community.

We have the privilege to announce that from this Thursday, December 16, 2021, withdrawals on the platform will be fully open!

However, Blockchain technology being a whole other world, if it happens that a few minor errors occur during your operations; have no fear we will correct them as we go. Any balance will be recovered and any missed payout due to the recent update will be made up. Migrations and innovations always involve external parameters, the implementation of which can sometimes move groups of lines of code; don't worry, as always we are straightening out.

Dear 2.0 community, the time has come for the systemic revival of our ecosystem towards greater and nobler objectives.

Transfers between members and to exchanges are 100% open, and withdrawals also within 24 hours.

The purchase of the packs is also 100% open, anyone can test it by purchasing at least one small pack to contribute in your own way to the test of the new system.

When your withdrawal request is made, your LMCSWAP balance will not be debited right away, don't worry, this is the process, but these LMCSWAPs are no longer yours.

NB: Depending on the problems encountered during operation, all these modules may be deactivated at any time without notice. So stay glued and make your transactions when they are open.

Despite the continual fixes and improvements that fall upon us in the face of the beauty of all this technology, we will now be focusing on expanding the token in Africa as part of the world tour that will begin on January 13, 2022 in Angola.

We wish you all the happiness this market will bring, and don't forget this legendary tip:

"In crypto, there is always an opportunity no matter what the season. When it drops it's time to buy and when it goes up it's time to sell: Buy the dip and sell the pump."

With all our best regards,