While the reputation of cryptocurrencies has always been tainted by the proliferation of illegal activities, recent investigations have revealed that these types of assets are increasingly in demand in daily trading, which goes against public opinion presenting cryptocurrencies as a tool "for doing illegal acts".

The Visual Objects survey

            The research institution Visual Objects has conducted a survey of a thousand people, a large sample made up of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
The questionnaire traces the habits of individuals in terms of payment in virtual currencies, which made it possible to deduce that purchases of food and clothing are the most common use cases for cryptocurrencies.

            Indeed, 38% of purchases made via cryptocurrencies are spending on food, followed closely by purchases of clothing which are around 34%, while speculation reaches a percentage of 29%. As for drugs and firearms, which are most associated with cryptocurrencies, they score relatively low at 11% and 15% respectively.

            These results clearly highlight the significant gap between external perception and the way in which cryptocurrencies are actually affected.

Other surveys with similar results

            Another survey by The Economist and Crypto.com also found that regular payments are the most commonly used method in terms of crypto-payment. Indeed, 34.2% of those questioned cited online payments as the best use case for virtual currencies.


            These developments assume that cryptocurrencies are on the road to success, argues Eric Anziani, chief operating officer of Crypto.com in his words:
"This is a strong indicator of a trend that shows that digital currencies are on the right track for mass adoption, with their potential to improve the existing payment infrastructure and efficiency. "

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