Our Strategy

Purchase of highly liquid equities from the world’s most dynamic companies, government and municipal bonds, debt securities and option contracts.

"We focus on new directions
of development!"

  • Business preparation for IPO
  • Cryptocurrencies Trading
  • Refinance
  • Partnership with major marketing brokers
  • Improved customer service with advanced IT technologies
  • Effective credit risk management using complex analysis of modeling data
Investment Portfolio

Solutions that meet our customers' objectives

We have developed investment instruments that can be customized in different asset classes for a wide range of client objectives

Once you have credited your account and invested in GIT, you have peace of mind, your money is professionally managed by our investment committee. Each deposit is analyzed thoroughly and automatically rebalanced in order to maximize return potential for investors.

African leader in investment

As part of Global Crypto-Currencies Trading’s vision to open financial markets to all its clients, we have invited our strategic partners to create their own Funds. Join now and invest as one of the world’s leading financial analysts and hedge funds.

Any investment involves a risk; Risk only the capital likely to be lost. This strategy has been developed exclusively for GIT and does not necessarily replicate the composition or performance of the benchmark portfolio.

Our added value

  1. Easy deposit and withdrawal of funds all over the world

    - Support for popular payment systems for Visa and MasterCard

    - Direct SWIFT paymentss

    - Bitcoin

    - Payment by Orange Money and MTN Mobile Money

  2. Investment Insurance

    Deposit protection for guaranteed return

  3. Portfolio Upgrade

    Upgrade your investment portfolio at any time