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activities are: Cryptocurrency Trading (Real-Time Purchase and Sale), headquartered

in Douala-Cameroon, registered with the RCCM N ° RC / DLA / 2017 / B / 3456, and

represented by its Director General Mr SIMB Emile Parfait, hereinafter referred to as the

seller ', on the one hand, And Anyone receiving the link of this document by email or any other means of communication Hereinafter referred to as the buyer 'on the other hand, 

Article0: Can only be a GIT customer that any person with a major age according to his

adopted country.

Article 1: Hereby, the seller enters into a contract with the buyer whereby the buyer

subscribes to the purchase of a cryptocurrency pack product in the vendor's website stock market will pay the buyer a profit for a specified period of time

as defined in the contract.

Article2: The buyer subscribes to a cryptocurrency pack according to the different packs

proposed in the site at:

Article3: The payment of the subscribed pack will be made in the name of the seller

(company GLOBAL CRYPTO CURRENCIES TRADING) in the website of the seller

( from the payment processor payeer or Bitcoin, or bank transfer in

an account opened in said processors.

Article4: Duration of the contract

This contract is for a period of one (01) year, or fifty-two weeks.

Article5: Reimbursement of the purchase amount of the pack and payment of interest


1-An amount corresponding to the amount of the pack purchased will be paid weekly

to the buyer by the seller for a period of fifty-two (52) weeks, representing the purchase

amount to which are added the interest corresponding to this pack.

2-the first installment will be paid on the seventh (7th) day from the date of the payment

made by the buyer.

Article6: Minor risk insurance and partial exemption of the seller

In case of non-place of the financial program making it impossible to repay the interest,

the seller undertakes to reimburse the buyer the initial purchase amount of the pack and

2% of this amount as damages.

Article7: Total exemption of the seller

In the event of force majeure, that is to say, in the event of the occurrence of risks

arising from unforeseen circumstances and all other phenomena exorbitant of the seller's

expenses, negligence or imprudence, the seller is totally exempt from any reimbursement

to the buyer.

Article8: Dispute Settlement

In the event of any dispute that may arise in connection with the execution of this

contract, the parties undertake a prior conciliation phase for a period of (03) months.

After this period, in the event that no amicable solution could have occurred, the parties

agree to submit the dispute before the competent courts of Douala.

Article9: The purchase of a pack implies automatic acceptance of these conditions.

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