“Self-Improvement” Philosophy

“Self-Improvement” Philosophy

“Self-Improvement” contribution


a- Entering into the psychology of financial freedom:

1- How to become rich and conquer his financial freedom

To know how to become rich, it is good to look at those who are already rich. You will quickly discover that the psychology of money of those who are rich is very different from that of ordinary mortals.

The latter see money as an existing good in limited quantity: we have what we have, we spend what we have, and so after that there is nothing left.

The rich, on the other hand, know the truth and know how to become rich: money is like a seed that must be sown.

Every CFA in your hand has the potential to be planted, grow, and multiply.

This is the same dilemma as the plowman harvesting his wheat. You have to choose between eating the seeds, or planting them. In the first case, the satisfaction is immediate. In the other, you feed your family for generations.

2- Everyone would like to become rich

And yet, most do not succeed.

And that because after only two or three years of savings and investment, they decide to liquidate their wallets to buy new furniture, or a new car, or a motorcycle.

They will never become rich.

They do not have the right mentality, their money psychology is negative. They do not have the perseverance that is necessary when you know how to become rich.

The psychology of money

The rich understand that time is the friend of money: the more their capital has time to grow, the greater will be their fortune.

They also understand that the amount of performance is extremely important.

Many mistakenly assume that the rich have just been lucky, or that they are cheating. What they do not realize is that the rich are constantly working to study and create opportunities. It is clear that what is called luck is really only the girl of preparation and opportunity.

Very often, I am asked 'but how are the currencies going to change?', Or 'do you think the value of the Bitcoin will go down or up?', 'When should you buy or sell?' Or 'how do you put your money today?' These questions are asked by people who need their hands held and told whether to buy or sell. But alas, the answer to these questions can only be conjecture.

You will rarely hear these questions in the mouth of a rich man.

Because the rich tries to calculate the value of a specific asset and therefore makes the decision to buy or sell. It is not a matter here of conjectures, but of arithmetic and common sense.

This is one of the main reasons why rich investors do not panic very rarely when the market collapses: it is instead the moment to buy! Their creed is: 'the market is up, the market is down, there is always something smart to do'.


"Your situation in ten years will be the sum of the decisions you make today"

Here is how to become rich and conquer your financial freedom in 10 easy rules:

1. Change your way of thinking about money

People usually have a love-hate relationship with money.

Most often, they are angry at those who have them, but spend their entire lives trying to get it for themselves. The reason why a large majority of people have never accumulated a substantial nest egg, is because they do not understand the nature of the money or its operation.

Think of money as a living thing. It is a person.

When you wake up in the morning and go to work, you sell a product: yourself or, more precisely, your job.

When you realize that every morning your assets wake up like you and have the same potential to work like you, you unlock a powerful key to change your life: every 10,000Frs Note you own is like an employee working for you .

The goal is for you to make these hard workers work: they will have to make enough money to hire even more workers (ie other CFAs) who will also work to make you rich. The positive spiral is launched.

You will no longer need to sell your own work: you will live on your money working for you.

It is called - very precisely - living on one's assets or living on one's passive income.

2. Understand the power of small amounts

The biggest mistake that most people make is to think that they have to start by building a gas plant before they get rich. They suffer from the mentality of 'never enough'. They think that if they do not invest 65,000 or 100,000 francs immediately, they will never become rich. What these people do not realize is that whole armies are built with one soldier at a time. It's the same with wealth.

I knew a gentleman who worked as a salesman in Sorepco. he had invested 1/3 of his savings as I had advised him, and that, considering his meager income, could never be more than a few francs at a time. Now his stock portfolio is worth millions. It was entirely built by small sums.

Around you, there are plenty of rich people who have become Frs by Frs, but you do not even know it.

The lesson is always of great value. The highest mountain climbs taking the first step, then the next, then the next. To the top. This is how to become rich.

3. Every spared Franc brings you closer to your financial freedom

Since money has the capacity to work for you, the more money you have, the more you will produce.

With more money comes more freedom: the freedom to stay home with your children, the freedom to retire and travel around the world, or the freedom to quit your job, the freedom to work when and where you want…

That's why becoming rich is never a goal in itself, but the best way to conquer true wealth: to become master of your time.

Even with modest incomes, it is possible for you to start getting rich today. It may be only 65,000 or 100,000 francs at a time, but each of your investments will be an extra stone to build the palace of your financial freedom.

4. You are responsible for where you are in your life

A few years ago, a lady told me that she did not want to save and put her money because, she said, 'I do not want to wait ten years before being rich: I prefer to take advantage of my money now'. She was very proud to buy a new pair of shoes every month, and a new handbag every 3 months. And she did not understand that my wife was not doing the same thing.

The craziness of this reasoning is that the chances are very great that you will still be alive in 20 years.

So the question is whether your situation will be better or worse at this time than it is today.

Your situation in ten years will be the sum of the decisions you make today.

You will be at that time poor or ... rich.

In 20 years, it will be one or the other. No more middle ground. A tragedy is indeed unfolding before our eyes: millions of people will become poor in the coming years. The so-called 'average' social class is cracking beneath the insane rises in taxation, retirement pensions becoming more and more stale, the disappearance of jobs and the decline in solidarity. She is disappearing. The statistics are very clear: poverty is increasing. You have only one solution: to become richer too.

5. Instead of buying a company's product, buy its shares

Someone asked me why he was not rich too, even though he regularly put money aside, but without success. He placed everything on his savings book. So he was not investing, and saving without investing is losing money every day because of inflation.

The solution is simple. I told him to stop buying products from companies, and start buying the company itself!

How to become rich? The rich are rich because they have put their money well.

Most people have an innate risk aversion.

They prefer to see the value of their money diminish each day by leaving it on a savings book or life insurance that pays next to nothing, rather than learning to put their money properly.

When the pain of financial slavery will be greater than the pain of changing your bad habits of consumption (spending too much) and investing (putting your money on a stupid savings book), you will finally start getting rich.

Change, or just live as you do now. And in 20 years you will be poor.

6. Study and admire success, and do the same

Become the one you want to become.Read, study, learn, understand.

You will find that by investing first in yourself, the money begins to appear in your life. Success and success create success and success. Money creates money. The rich become richer and richer, the poor more and more poor. You have to find your way to this positive spiral, and you will do it by building your army, one soldier at a time, and putting your money to work. .

Learn what Warren Buffett (one of the richest men in the world) did to become rich, and do like him.

You will find his best lessons by attending our trainings.

7. More money is not the solution

More money is not going to solve your problem of how to get rich.

Money is a magnifying glass, it simply highlights your qualities and flaws.

If you are not yet able to manage your life and finances with a paid job of 100,000 francs a month, the worst thing that can happen to you is to earn triple. It will destroy you.

I have met too many people who earn $ 5,000,000 a month, and yet live on payroll and do not even understand why. The problem is not the size of their checkbook, it's the way they learned to use the money.

8. Unless your parents are (or were) rich, do not do what they did

An excellent definition of stupidity is to do the same thing over and over, but hoping for a different result. If your parents did not live the life you want to live and did not know how to get rich, then do not do this they did! You have to break with the mentality of previous generations, if you want to have a different way of life.

To achieve financial freedom you must do two things:

1. First, make a firm commitment to never go into debt (except to buy your own home or invest in real estate).

2. Next, make savings and investment the highest priority of your financial life. One of the most effective techniques is to pay yourself first before others.

9. Do not worry

The miracle of life is that it's not where you are that's important, it's where you go.

Once you know how to become rich and have made the choice to take control of your life by building your wealth, do not think about 'yes, but' anymore. From this moment, every moment that passes, you will be closer and closer to your ultimate goal: financial freedom. Each CFA you invest will be a seed that will grow and nurture your financial future.

Rest assured, in these conditions, and if you really work there, financial prosperity is inevitable. It is 100% guaranteed. It is so and not otherwise. Impossible to miss. Just follow my method.

10. Attend our trainings that will explain how to become rich