Whose Activities are: Cryptocurrency Trading (Real-Time Purchase and Sale), headquartered in Douala-Cameroon, registered with the RCCM N ° RC / DLA / 2017 / B / 3456, and represented by its Director General Mr SIMB Emile Parfait, hereinafter referred to as the seller ', on the one hand, And Anyone receiving the link of this document by email or any other means of communication Hereinafter referred to as the buyer 'on the other hand, 


NID or Passport:…......................…………..du……...................….....…...à………..........................…

Address : Po Box…......……….……….......................……Phone……..............................................

Email …………………………………………………………………................................................................

Country……………………………………………………………….....................……Here, calling Buyer» ,

Article0: Can only be a GIT customer that any person with a major age according to his

Adopted country.


Article 1: Hereby, the seller enters into a contract with the buyer whereby the buyer

subscribes to the purchase of a cryptocurrency pack product in the vendor's website . stock market will pay the buyer a profit for a specified period of time as defined in the contract.

Article2: The buyer subscribes to a cryptocurrency pack according to the different packs proposed in the site at:

Article3: The payment of the subscribed pack will be made in the name of the seller (company GLOBAL CRYPTO CURRENCIES TRADING) in the website of the seller ( from the payment processor payeer or Bitcoin, or credit card inan account opened in said processors.

Article4: Duration of the contract

This contract is for a period of one (01) year, or fifty-two weeks.

Article5: Reimbursement of the purchase amount of the pack and payment of interest thereon.

1-An amount corresponding to the amount of the pack purchased will be paid weekly

to the buyer by the seller for a period of fifty-two (52) weeks, representing the purchase amount to which are added the interest corresponding to this pack.

2-the first installment will be paid on the seventh (7th) day from the date of the payment made by the buyer.

Article6: Minor risk insurance and partial exemption of the seller

In case of non-place of the financial program making it impossible to repay the interest, the seller undertakes to reimburse the buyer the initial purchase amount of the pack and 2% of this amount as damages.

Article7: Total exemption of the seller

In the event of force majeure, that is to say, in the event of the occurrence of risks

arising from unforeseen circumstances and all other phenomena exorbitant of the seller's expenses, negligence or imprudence, the seller is totally exempt from any reimbursement to the buyer.

Article8: Dispute Settlement

In the event of any dispute that may arise in connection with the execution of this

contract, the parties undertake a prior conciliation phase for a period of (03) months.

After this period, in the event that no amicable solution could have occurred, the parties agree to submit the dispute before the competent courts of Douala.

Article9: The purchase of a pack implies automatic acceptance of these conditions.

Downloadable terms in the platform



Our services and products are intended only for users 21 years of age or older who meet the criteria described in these Terms. You represent and warrant that you:

ü  are of legal age to form a binding contract (at least 18 years in the United States);

ü  have not already been suspended or withdrawn from the use of our services;

ü  are not identified as "Specially Designated Foreign Suspects" by the Foreign Assets Control Offices;

ü  are not on the US Department of Commerce Restriction List;

ü  Have the power and authority to accept these Terms.


2.     Restricted locations

You are not authorized to use our services if you are in a US state, country, territory or other jurisdiction, or if you are a resident or resident of a state, territory or other jurisdiction under which the United States are subject to an embargo, or if your use of the services would be illegal or would violate any applicable law.

You represent and warrant that you are not a citizen or resident of such jurisdiction and that you will not use any services while you are in such jurisdiction. You may also not use the Services if you are located or if you are a citizen or resident of any other country where G.I.T has decided, at its discretion, to prohibit the use of its Services. G.I.T may implement controls to restrict access to the Services from any jurisdiction prohibited by this Section 2.2. You will comply with this Section 2.2, even if G.I.T's methods to prevent the use of the Services are not effective or can be circumvented.

3.     Business user

Unless GIT has given its prior written consent to use your account for trading purposes on behalf of a corporation or other legal entity (a "business user"), you will not use the services and your Liyeplimal account (as defined below) only for your own account and not for the account or for the account of third parties.

If G.I.T has approved your account for trading on behalf of a business or association user, you will use the services and your Liyeplimal account only on behalf of the specified enterprise user. If you use services on behalf of a corporate user, you agree to these Terms on behalf of yourself and one of those users, and you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind the Company and the user under these conditions. And that you under these conditions, the business user will be jointly and severally liable for any breach of these conditions or any other act or omission on the part of the business user or yourself.


1. Liyeplimal account

To use our Services, you must create and manage an account via the Services ("Liyeplimal Account").

To create or manage your Liyeplimal account, or activate features on your account, you will need to provide GIT with certain information and documents, including, where necessary, information and documents associated with identity verification and verification. Other filtering procedures described in Section 3.3. ,

You will:

(a)Create a unique password consisting of numbers, capital and small letters and one or more special characters;

(b)Provide complete and accurate information;

(c)Promptly update the information you have provided so that it is complete and accurate at all times;

(d)Maintain the security of your Liyeplimal account by protecting your password against unauthorized access or use;

(e)Promptly notify G.I.T if you discover or suspect unauthorized access or use of your Liyeplimal account or security breaches related to your account;

(f) be responsible for all activities that take place under your Liyeplimal account and accept all risks of any authorized access to your account.


G.I.T may offer optional enhanced security features for your Liyeplimal account (including, for example, two-factor authentication). Liyeplimal encourages you, but may not require you, to use these enhanced security features. If you enable enhanced security features, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of any device or account that may be associated with enhanced security features, as well as your ongoing control over them.


Depending on the features you want to activate on your account and the determination of risks, G.I.T may, at its discretion, require verification of your identity and other control procedures about you or transactions associated with your Liyeplimal account. These verification and screening procedures may include, without limitation, control of the information you provide against the list of Specially Designated Persons and Blocked Persons maintained by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, to the list of persons denied of the US Department of Commerce and any similar list published by any governmental authority or any other government authority prohibiting or restricting commercial activities or transactions with persons. You may be required to provide GIT with certain personal information, including your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, taxpayer identification number, government identification number, photo your government issued ID or other photographic evidence of your identity.

You hereby authorize G.I.T, directly or through a third party, to make any inquiry that G.I.T deems necessary to verify your identity and / or protect you against fraud, including:

(a)  Query identity information contained in public reports (for example, your name, address, previous addresses or date of birth);

(b)  Take the measures that G.I.T deems reasonably necessary on the basis of the results of these investigations and reports.

You further authorize any third party to whom such requests or requests may be directed to fully respond to such requests or requests.

GIT disclaims all liability for any permanent or temporary inability to access or use any Services, including your inability to make withdrawals or to perform Transactions, as a result of an identity verification or another filtering procedure.


You will be bound by, and hereby authorize GIT to accept and rely upon, agreements, instructions, orders, authorizations and other actions performed, provided or taken by any person who accessed or used your Liyeplimal account, that is access allowed or not. Upon receipt of your written notice that the security of your account has been compromised, G.I.T takes reasonable steps to protect your account, including to prohibit actions initiated with a compromised account password. However, the first sentence of this section will continue to apply to any other account password and alternate password issued to replace the compromised account password.


1.     Deposits

You may periodically, at your discretion, transfer from an approved external account to your hosted account all dollars supported for transfer and storage using the services. If you transfer to your hosted account (ID) means not supported by our services, they may be lost permanently. You may periodically, at your discretion, deposit Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin) from an approved external account into your Liyeplimal account for transfer and storage using the Services.

2.     Transfer

G.I.T has taken all necessary precautions so that no one can lose his money when transferring from one internal account to another. Please check the name and email address of your beneficiary before any transfer. G.I.T declines all responsibility in case of transfer to an erroneous account or to an unverified account.

3. Withdrawals

You must keep in your account a sufficient amount of dollars to satisfy all current orders (and applicable Liyeplimal charges). In addition, there may be limits to the amounts you can withdraw on a daily or periodic basis. Otherwise, you may periodically, at your discretion, withdraw dollars by transferring them from your Liyeplimal account to another (Internal Transfer) and you may withdraw from the fiduciary currency by transferring your dollars to your Mobile Money number or our withdrawal prepaid cards. Withdrawal requests should be made no later than the 23rd of each month at noon and approved on the 25th of the same month at the latest.


As a cryptocurrency business, G.I.T manages an internal anti-money laundering program and knows your compliance program (KYC program). The LBC / KYC program is a risk-based program based on the requirements of the Banking Secrecy Act, other anti-money laundering laws and implementing regulations, as well as guidelines promulgated by the anti-money laundering network. Financial crime. This AML / KYC program may be updated from time to time, including the procedures used by G.I.T to verify the identity of its customers.

We do not accept scanned ID, kindly take you selfie as follows to have your Liyeplimal account checked:



GIT may, at its discretion, attempt to correct, or cancel, any Order, Transaction or Transfer in respect of which GIT has discovered that there was an error, whether this error was caused by you, GIT or a third party. You hereby authorize G.I.T to attempt any correction, cancellation or cancellation described in the preceding sentence.

2.     FEES

You agree to pay G.I.T the fees described in the rate schedule of your back office periodically updated at the discretion of G.I.T. The updated fee schedule will apply prospectively to any transaction or transaction taking place after the effective date of the updated fee schedule.


1.     Consent to electronic delivery

You agree to receive electronically all communications, agreements, documents, receipts, notices and disclosures (collectively, "Communications") provided by G.I.T in connection with this Agreement, your Liyeplimal Account or any Service. You agree that GIT may provide you with such communications by publishing them via the Services, by sending them to you by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided, sending them by means of an application or another e-mail service on your account on the application or the e-mail service, and / or by sending an SMS or text message to a mobile phone number that you have provided. Your carrier's normal rates, fees, messaging, data, and other charges may apply to any mobile communication. You must keep copies of the electronic communications by printing a hard copy or saving an electronic copy. You may also contact the GIT Support Team to request additional electronic copies of Communications or, for a fee, hard copies of Communications (as described below) by submitting a support request to .com


1.     Ownership of services

The Services, the Site and all the technological elements, contents, data and other materials used, displayed, supplied or received by you in connection with the Services or the Site ("GIT Materials"), as well as all the intellectual property rights of The above are, between you and GIT, owned by Global Investment Trading.


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