Dear members of the LIYEPLIMAL community!

Since the creation of GLOBAL INVESTMENT TRADING S.A in August 2017, we have constantly taken initiatives to make cryptocurrency known in Cameroon and throughout Africa. A new sector of activity in our continent and even elsewhere.

Many steps have been taken to inspire real regulation of crypto assets, with a view to guaranteeing and sustaining our activities, as other pioneering countries are doing.

Despite the string of proposals sent to the regulatory authorities, our efforts were in vain.

Misinformation, lack of knowledge, the youth of the sector of activity did not make it possible to find a favorable echo with the financial authorities.

It was very detrimental to us. By discouraging at some point partners willing to support our projects.

We were forced to revise our business model by migrating to a full-fledged cryptocurrency called LIMOCOIN, listed in international markets and backed by one of our SIMTREX COMMERCIAL BROKER companies headquartered in Dubai.

However, time being the true master of history, the CEMAC ministerial committee met very recently and adopted a regulation involving this time, digital assets under regulation N°01/22/CEMAC/UMAC/ CM/COSUMAF which will lead to a more concrete and legal approach to the crypto assets sector in Central Africa; this new regulatory framework opens up a pandora's box for users of these assets and will certainly give us a breath of fresh air.

We would like to congratulate this initiative and the group of people who have decided to take it, believing that it will open up other prospects for the development of our core business and our continent: technological and decentralized finance.

Thus this news gives support to the good of LIMOCOIN, which could have a more estimated value in the future.

It is therefore important to know that LIMOCOIN is the very first and only current cryptocurrency held by an African, while being supported in several countries by Africans and far beyond.

With the arrival of the new regulations, hope becomes real.

This is an opportunity for us to congratulate and thank the entire Liyeplimal community who have remained united.

During this turbulent time you did not sit idly by. Everyone at their level has redoubled their effort and vigilance in the face of the adversity we were experiencing. You stayed focused without paying attention to all the bad things that were said about our Token the Limocoin.

This solidarity is in the process of raising us to the top and now attracts the confidence of certain investors, in particular companies which are beginning to solicit our digital assets, in that they obtain and keep them.

To respond to this contextual situation, we have decided to create two much more substantial Packs reserved for companies and associations after KYB (Know Your Business).

So, from November 1, 2022, you will see in your back offices new Packs with values ​​of 5,000,000 and 10,000,000 LMCSWAP.

These two Packs will be baptized: PACK DE LA RESISTANCE 1 and 2.

However, we take this opportunity to inform you that our annual meeting, namely the celebration of the fifth anniversary of LIYEPLIMAL will not take place this year 2022 due to the difficulties encountered by the entire community, by the company , but also drastic performance and the late arrival of the legal framework for cryptocurrencies.

We decided to focus on the essentials, namely the appreciation of our amiable Token. That being said, the said celebration is postponed until next year when all the members will be very happy to see the results of our work.

This is also why we will once again never cease to thank you for your patience and integrity shown from the first hours of the crisis. You have remained united and strongly attached to the ideal of success.

Above all, we attach primary and utmost importance to the relationship we have with all LIYEPLIMAL members.

We can guarantee you that we will continue to show the same importance to the achievement of the missions that we set with your confidence. We remain at your entire disposal for any further information.

Thanking you in advance for your kind understanding, we ask you to believe, dear leaders, in our sincere consideration.

Long live Liyeplimal! Long live Limocoin! Long live SIMTREX COMMERCIAL BROKER!

The team.

The CEO,



Emile Parfait SIMB