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Global Investment Trading is a business center, a company founded in 2017 by Emile Parfait SIMB, CryptoTrader then became CryptoMillionaire.  When it opens in the city of Douala, it will initially occupy very modest offices, on less than 30m², with the core business of selling and buying high-potential digital currencies, the basic concept of trading and the self-trading of cryptoactives on the cryptomoney exchange. Having noticed the lack of understanding of the customers in this new sector of activity, the company decided to open a department dedicated to training on the deep notions of the business; this department will be held by the very young Innocent PANGSOU, who is none other than the right hand of Mr SIMB's business since that time, whose work sessions he will supervise. The first waves of students are a resounding success and a social ecosystem around the Cryptomonnaie in Cameroon is born! However, since trading is a profession in its own right and requires a certain predisposition in technical analysis, Mr. SIMB realizes that not everyone can become a super trader like he wants to be. In order to make the great mass of the population benefit from this opportunity of oppulence, he thinks a bilateral equation that will make the success and the promising expansion of the new industry across the territory. Global CryptoCurrency Trading at that time launches with full power "LIYEPLIMAL"; a financial product whose expression is an ethnic accronyme including "LIYEP"="Poverty; "LI" = East; "MAL" = FINISHED! In one sentence: "POVERTY IS ENDED".  To illustrate the impact of this sector, a trader at the end of his training must be able to make 3? his capital per day, i.e. 90% profit per month. By applying a capital leverage effect they are able to achieve high levels of duplication. Thus, Liyeplimal would be a product that allows everyone to take advantage of the opportunity without having to become a trader, through investment packages ranging between $100 and $51,200, and an annual profitability ranging between 160% and 224?pending on the package chosen. The higher the package, the higher its percentage of profitability. To guarantee the growing prosperity of the community, Mr SIMB opts for MLM or relational marketing not mandatory as a commercial policy.  The system is automatic and linear (you can sponsor as much as you want), no complex sponsorship feet or conditions as in the classic MLM system, and you are not obliged to sponsor, you can just buy your investment pack and benefit from your earnings for 52 weeks. Liyeplimal's referral maketing system pays out as follows: Direct referral 6%; Indirect referral 2nd level 2%; 3rd level 1%, 4th level 1% and finally 5th level 2%. Each level is followed by a team effort bonus from $360 to $36,000 in addition to the % and a Prado vehicle last outing. Liyeplimal is thus launched and from the first months makes a real bustle. The academy remains for those who wish to continue to make a profession of it and is rebranded "Liyeplimal Trading Academy" with the slogan "The academy of forced success". By the end of 2017, the activities are booming and the need for physical growth is pressing, the department and management are growing intensely. The offices are moved not far away in the same place in Bali, at the Carrefour Kayo Elie on a built space of more than 500M².  The innovations continue, Mr SIMB moves from GLOBAL CRYPTO CURRENCY TRADING to GLOBAL INVESTMENT TRADING and becomes a business propulsion center. New products such as LiScolarité (school insurance: Xaf 1.000.000 every year for 5 years for XAF 1.640.000 paid in the first year), LiSanté (health insurance), SIMTREX.NET (the very first exchange platform for cryptomoney in Central Africa with an office and trading license in Dubai. This licence is the only one in Africa apart from that of the Prince of Arabia). LiMo (Liyeplimal Money, means of instantaneous and secure money transfer via the Blockchain) Also products coming out of finance are set up to make the use of crypto currencies viable on the local market. Thus is launched, a local e-commerce site that accepts Bitcoin and Limo payments. is an international e-commerce platform for Africans who wish to buy in Asia at wholesale prices without spending on airline tickets or customs and be delivered on the spot. Liyeplimal Restaurant where you can eat and pay your bill in cryptomoney, Liyeplimal Real Estate, furnished apartments where it is accepted payments in cryptomoney and LiMo. In November 2018, the company celebrates a year of existence, a successful event that will gather 500 guests, among which some customers who have become strong leaders in the field of cryptology.

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